Top 50 Romantic Movies

Over the past few weeks, I have watched and re-watched some of my favourite cinematic love stories.


Before long, I realised that I had watched quite a number of these 'romantic' films.


As I love a good list, I decided to rank these films in order of my preference.


I would love to share these movies with you.



However, before we start, I should mention two things.


Firstly, I realise that I have not watched every single romantic film in this genre. I may not have watched your favourite. I have also only selected those films that I have watched since my movie challenge began back in May 2015.


Secondly, you may disagree with my ranking. I have to emphasise that this is just how I feel about these movies. You are completely free to agree or disagree. Let me know how you feel either way. I have a comments section at the end of my post especially there for you to enlighten me. I just love talking movies with you all!


Okay, let's make a start... here is part one of my top 50 favourite romantic movies! I'm counting back from 50-25. (Click here to see my top 25). 


Top 50 Romantic Movies 50-25

50. In Your Eyes

Josh Whedon wrote the screenplay for this movie starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David as two people who suddenly find that they have a strong telepathic bond. It's an interesting concept that makes for a sweet and romantic movie.



49. What If

I enjoyed this quirky romantic film. It has a great cast: Zoe Kazan (again), Daniel Radcliffe, Rafe Spall and Adam Driver. The film just gets away with invoking the great When Harry Met Sally as Wallace wonders if he can be friends with Chantry despite having fallen in love with her. 



48. The Lucky One

The first Nicholas Sparks movie on my list. Strong, sensitive man with emotional baggage (Zak Efron) meets smart, independent woman wary of love (Taylor Schilling). Just add dogs, a violent ex and we're away!

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47. Far From The Madding Crowd

I enjoyed Thomas Vinterberg's adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel. Carey Mulligan is great as the financially independent Bathsheba Everdene who attracts the attentions of three different suitors.

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46. I Am Love

Tilda Swinton is superb in this film about a Russian wife and mother living a stifling life in Milan. Her life changes forever when she meets a talented chef who also happens to be her son's friend. 

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45. Only Lovers Left Alive

Tilda Swinton shines again in Jim Jarmusch's wonderful film about the love between two vampires. Tom Hiddleston plays her depressed lover. They have been together for centuries - can't beat that for commitment. 

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44. Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston again, this time as an extremely dangerous cad. He seduces Mia Wasikowska's Edith for her money. His relationship with sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain) aside, this is a wonderfully creepy gothic romance. 

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43. Trainwreck

I really enjoyed Amy Schumer's film about a commitment-phobic New York reporter who finally finds love with Bill Hader's sport's doctor. The final scene alone has to be one of the most romantic scenes involving a basketball hoop.

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42. Like Crazy

One reckless decision endangers the love between Jacob and Anna. Determined to be together, they fight and fight hard for their relationship. But can (or indeed should) their love survive the strain?

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41. A Royal Affair

Featuring superb performances from both Alicia Vikander and Mads Mikkelsen, this film tells the story of a young queen who, finding herself married to a mentally unstable king, falls in love with his physician.  

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40. Just Like Heaven

Admittedly, there is not much new in Just Like Heaven. It's a little like Ghost but in reverse. However, I do love this movie for Reece Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo's engaging and charismatic performances. It is a funny and sweet film. 



39. Slow West

A western that is really a love story. Jay travels from Scotland to America's frontier in search of his lost love, Rose. Little does he know that he is being followed by a group of dangerous bounty hunters. 

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38. The Vow

Based on a true story, the marriage of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) is shattered after a car accident leaves her with no memory of their relationship. Despite her family's disapproval, Leo fights to win her heart again.



37. Dirty Dancing

On a family vacation, Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Jennifer Grey) falls in love with dancer Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). A few watermelons and a couple of plot contrivances later and they fall in love. A classic film where nobody puts Baby in the corner. 



36. Blue Valentine

This film is not an obvious choice featuring, as it does, the heartbreaking breakdown of a marriage. I love it because it also depicts the start of that relationship. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are superb in this movie.  

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35. Notting Hill

A classic Richard Curtis film, Hugh Grant's Notting Hill bookseller falls in love with a movie star played by Julia Roberts. Can their love find a way? Will his hilarious group of friends help or hinder the process? The only movie on my list that features Horse & Hound magazine.



34. Pretty In Pink

Where would we be without John Hughes? I had Pretty In Pink on hard (VCR) rotation in my teens. It has a classic cast including Molly Ringwald, James Spader, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer and is just a great tale of young love.



33. Pretty Woman

A rich man picks up a prostitute and (because impossible relationships are his specialty) pays her to be his live in girlfriend. A few shopping trips later, the couple fall in love. This film shouldn't work but does thanks to the chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.



32. Badlands

Terrance Malik's stunning first feature is only at number 33 on my list because the relationship between Martin Sheen's Kit and Sissy Spacek's Holly is less about romance and more about, well, their senseless killing spree. They do love each other though. A truly superb film.



31. Ghost

Pottery classes were never the same after this classic love story. After being murdered in the street, the ghost of Sam Wheat resists the bright light and enlists the help of Oda Mae Brown to find out who killed him and to keep his love, Molly 'you in danger girl' Jensen, safe.  



30. Titanic

Despite Kate Winslet's recent admission that there was indeed room on that piece of wreckage for Leo (and that Rose did, in effect, kill him off), Titanic remains the ultimate tale of doomed love. The film is flawed but Kate and Leo are very cute.



29. Weekend

Before he made 45 Years, Andrew Haigh directed Weekend. This film tells a wonderfully intimate and romantic story about a one night stand that becomes the start of a special relationship.

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28. The Artist

An entertaining homage to silent cinema, this is also a beautiful love story. Aspiring actress, Peppy Miller, meets movie star George Valentin and the two fall in love. However, their love is tested as his star wanes while hers ascends.

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27. Chico And Rita

A beautifully animated film that tells the story of young piano player, Chico, who falls in love with talented singer, Rita. As in The Artist, Chico struggles with Rita's success - something that threatens to tear the couple apart.  

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26. Message In A Bottle

Reporter, Theresa (Robin Wright), finds a love letter in a bottle washed up on the beach. Determined to discover the letter's author, Theresa instead finds love with boat builder, Garret Blake (Kevin Costner).

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25. Truly, Madly Deeply

A gorgeous, eccentric and funny movie - one that genius film critic, Roger Ebert, called Ghost for grown ups. Juliette Stevenson plays a grieving widow whose husband (played by the wonderful Alan Rickman) comes back into her life because he just didn't die properly.



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