When Russell (Tom Cullen) meets Glen (Chris New) at a club late one Friday night, both men are attracted to each other but neither expects more than a one night stand. However, all over the course of one weekend, their relationship becomes so much more as they talk about their hopes and fears, fall in love and have to part.



Weekend is a powerful and emotional film from Andrew Haigh. , a film that explores love and relationships in an intimate and naturalistic way. The performances by both Tom Cullen and Chris New are superb. Throughout the film, their conversations and reactions feel completely authentic.


I loved how the film built their relationship. They talk openly and grow ever closer - all despite the fact that neither wants to risk falling in love. 


There is a deep sense of poignancy in Weekend. We realise how afraid Russell is of being himself and how ashamed he feels of who he is.


It takes Glen’s forthright and uncompromising questions to show him that he can choose another way.


The film left me feeling how hard it was for Russell and Glen to be in love and do things that I just take for granted. The simple act of holding hands is challenging and even dangerous for them.


I was in tears by the end (of course!) because I really believed in Russell and Glen as people and as a couple and I desperately wanted them both to find acceptance and happiness.   


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