Top 10 Worst Movies... So Far


Last week, I reached the halfway stage of my 500 Days Of Film Challenge. To celebrate, I compiled a list of my top 20 favourite films - all chosen from the first 250 movies that I have watched. 


A few of you then asked me to list the films that I haven’t enjoyed. And I am most happy to oblige! 


As I mentioned last week, creating a list of my favourite films was hard. I really struggled to narrow it down to twenty. So I was quite surprised to find my list of least favourite films really easy to make.


The reason for this is because (so far) I have loved more films than I have loathed. I credit my 500 Days Of Film List for that - a list that I curated by looking at the reviews of the film critics and movie organisations I most admire.


The films below have made it onto this list for a variety of reasons. Few have no redeeming features. Some films have merit but are just not for me - not my cup of tea.


And that is just fine - it would be a boring world if we all agreed on every film. So, if you feel differently about any film listed below, do let me know (via Facebook or Twitter or the comments section below).


I remain open minded and, more than anything, love a good ole fashioned movie debate!


So here goes… my Top 10 Worst Films Of The First Half Of My 500 Days Of Film Challenge:



10. Prometheus

A film that looks stunning and features some impressive performances but takes way too long to get going, completely fails to engage and has a frankly ridiculous plot. Let’s hope the sequel, Alien Covenant (due in 2017), is better.


9. The Ghost

This movie has all the right ingredients - great cast, a top (if controversial) director in Roman Polanski, and impressive source material (it is based on a novel by Robert Harris - who also co-wrote the screenplay with Polanski). So why did this film leave me feeling underwhelmed? I’ve now watched The Ghost twice and it just bores me. Am I missing something?


8. Submarine

A controversial entry here, I realise. This film was well received by critics. While I certainly don’t want to suggest that it is a bad movie, I just couldn’t stand any of the characters. This one just left me cold.


7. Side Effects

Another film with a great cast and a top notch director (Steven Soderbergh). This movie starts out well but then completely loses the plot halfway through. A shame really.


6. Oslo, August 31

Worthy enough but this film finds itself on my list for being unremittingly depressing. Now, I don’t need my movies to be a laugh a minute (you can use the fact that Michael Haneke’s Amour, Ben Wheatley’s Kill List and Paddy Considine’s Tyrannosaur aren’t on this list as proof) but I do need to take something away from a film. There wasn’t anything for me here.


5. Rampart

Again, another potentially controversial choice. This film was a hit with many critics. I just didn’t like it - Woody Harrelson was, for me, the only redeeming feature.


4. Perfect Sense

Interesting premise, good cast, bleak and unenjoyable movie. Sorry.


3. The Big Picture

A film with an interesting enough concept. However. its central character is intensely irritating and the plot is full of holes.


2. Pan

Where do I start? This movie is so awful for so many reasons and it prompted quite a rant from me in my review. This is a movie that sucks all of the magic from the story of Peter Pan. Oh and it also gives us child murder and mass fairy burning… really.


1. The Skin I Live In

My least favourite movie is from the directorial chair of Pedro Almodovar. Once again, this film features a stellar cast who all give powerful performances. The direction, pace and cinematography are all good. It is the story and the way that story is told that, for me, is unbearable and unpleasant. I just couldn’t stand this film - so much so that I really don’t want the DVD in my house. I could, if I had to, watch all of the films on this list again - but not this one.


What Do You Think?

So there you have it - the list of my least favourite films from the first half of my 500 Days Of Film Challenge.


What do you think of my list? Do you agree, disagree?


Whatever the case, do let me know in the comments section below.  

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