The 500 Days Of Film Challenge

Picture this… it’s a Friday night and you fancy watching a film. You’ve had a long week and you just want to escape into another world for a bit.

You start to scroll through the films available. Scroll.. scroll… scroll…

Fancy this? No.

How about this? No.

This? No!

Sound familiar? I’m sure this doesn’t just happen to me. 

I don’t know why you can never find a film when you want one. I mean, during awards season there are loads of interesting movies about. 

Despite this, you lose the will to scroll and just plump for the next random rom com that appears. You watch and... well, the best way to describe the experience is a deeply dissatisfying meh.

Does it have to be this way? Do we have to end up feeling like we have wasted three hours of our lives?

Please say it aint so!

The Silver Screen

A similar thing happens to me with the cinema.

I see a whole host of films on the horizon but, when I get the (albeit rare) opportunity to visit the cinema there is nothing on that I really want to see. 

I just seem to keep missing the optimal film viewing window.

The answer is to go to the movies more often I guess.

The thing is that I used to - I used to go every single week. However, since having kids I don’t seem to be able to prioritise the cinema in the same way - strange that. 

As problems go, I know that this is the one sitting in the corner strumming the world’s tiniest violin. 

But, I still feel I am missing out on some amazing movies and movies make me happy. I love the entire film experience - anticipation, viewing, discussing and recommending. 

It's Time To Get Strategic

It is time to get strategic people. Are you with me? 

Okay. So I have decided to make a plan. Well maybe not a plan so much as a challenge. I have decided to watch 500 of the best movies in the past five years.

My first task, of course, was to select those films.

I have decided to go back about five years but I also want to include a few older films that I feel I really want to see. Starting from around 2010 I will make my way to today and end up watching: 

Does that sound crazy? 

Well maybe, but even by making the 500 Days Of Film Movie List I feel that I am becoming more strategic.

Check out the list by clicking on the link above - you never know, you might also find it helpful for your movie viewing.


I made this list by listening to my favourite film podcast with Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode and writing down the Movie Of The Week. 

I also added films that I happened across from other sources (podcasts, videos, TV, books and magazines etc).

My next task is to watch films. 

A lot of films.  

I plan to document my progress by writing a small review of each one. This will help me to remember what I have watched and what I liked/disliked about them. 

Every review will have a comments section at the end. I do so hope that you join me there as I love discussing films. It's the best.

You could even come with me on this ride or create your own film challenge. Let me know if what you think!

I have also created a free weekly newsletter that I can email to you so that don’t miss out on any of the film reviews and news. Just click here if you would like this free film newsletter.

At this point.  I feel that I need state that I will never include spoilers in my reviews. Really, the last thing I want to do is ruin a movie for anyone.

Instead, I will always aim to include 

  • a brief plot synopsis, 
  • details of the actors, director etc
  • some context
  • my own opinions on the film.

The last point is super important. The reviews that I will write here are my own thoughts and opinions on a movie.


You may or may not agree with them.

I’m great either way. I certainly don’t believe that mine is the last word on any film. I may even change my mind over time on the films that I have seen. 

Whatever the case, I will always be honest with you.

So, that’s the 500 Days Of Film challenge! I’d better get started then…

Take care, Jane x

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