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500 Days Of Film Reviews Kick Ass And Finds A Comic Superhero Movie With A Violent Difference

I love my 500 Days Of Film Challenge. One minute I am sobbing over Toy Story 3, the next I’m watching the brutal violence (and language) of Kick Ass.

Dave Lizewski is at high school in America where he feels invisible to all around. He seeks solace in the world of comics and starts to wonder why everyone aspires to be like the latest celebrity but no one wants to be truly heroic.

As a result, Dave decides to become a superhero - little knowing that this will lead him down a dark and dangerous path. 

Is It Any Good?

Somehow I managed to hear a lot about Kick Ass and also nothing at all.


I knew that this film was controversial but that lots of people loved it. I was aware that it involved a superhero of some slightly dodgy sort. However, I didn’t know anything about the characters or plot until I sat down to watch.

Actually, when you think about it, this is pretty rare. How often do you watch a film with no idea of what is about to happen? These days, it seems, you are bombarded with movie information and they almost always show you all the best bits of a film in the trailer. 

Kick Ass is an amazing film. It has a brilliant comic book feel and everything from the set design, costumes and cinematography feels exciting and true to the plot.

However, I can’t work out how I feel about this film - did I enjoy it really? 

Well, yes I did. I was laughing from the start, I really liked the film’s central premise and all of the characters (and the actors playing them) were fantastic.

However, I did find the violence a little tough and the language is a bit of a shocker too! I had to check that I had the film’s rating written down correctly. Yes it is a 15 - and that is because the violence is pretty cartoony and nowhere does the film dwell on the infliction of suffering or pain. 

So, all in all I enjoyed Kick Ass - it is a really interesting movie with some fantastic dark comedy and some great, groundbreaking characters. 

However, while the violence is over the top for a reason, it also prevented me from truly lovig the film and engaging with the story.   

Random Observations

Chloe Grace Moretz is phenomenal in this movie… especially considering that she was just 13 when it came out.

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