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Toy Story 3 Review

500 Days Of Film Reviews Toy Story 3 And Finds A Worthy Addition To A Fantastic Trilogy

When you think about it, there are few film trilogies that manage to maintain their quality. After the first film, the others offer ever diminishing returns.


Not so with Toy Story 3.

In this third installment, Andy is off to college and has to sort out his bedroom before he leaves. Some of his old things are to be given away and some (no guesses who) will be kept in the loft.

However, Andy's (and our) favourite toys end up being given to a local day care centre by mistake. It is then down to Woody to convince them that this was, indeed, a mistake and to get them safely home. 

Is It Any Good?

Like with the Harry Potter series, most people who have kids or are kids at heart will have seen the Toy Story films and this is more than worthy of the series. It is just so great to see  Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky Dog and all of the amazing characters again.

The story is engaging and funny and I really couldn’t find fault with any part of the film.

So why is it that I never want to watch Toy Story 3 again - ever? 

I have watched both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 more times than I can count. I have enjoyed each viewing - often finding something that I have missed before.

I have watched Toy Story  3 twice. Once in 3D at the cinema and once at home as part of my 500 Days Of Film Challenge

I have to tell you that I missed the 3D. But not for the stereoscopy. Instead, I missed the 3D because I wanted a reason to wear dark glasses. 

By the end of the film I was a mess - a total and utter emotional wreck messy mess. I could feel it coming on but no matter how many times I told myself that this is only a film for goodness sake I couldn’t stop the tears. Not even when I tried not to blink.

The truth is, for me, this film is too sad. It ranks up there with ET and Charlotte’s Web as my top three most heartbreaking kids films. 

I know that someone somewhere will say that this is the power of the film’s storytelling. While I agree wholeheartedly with that, Toy Story 3’s emotional roller coaster just remains too much for me - big wuss that I am.

Random Observations

Is there a better way to stop crying than trying not to blink and digging your nails into the palms of your hands? Seriously, I need to know...

I want to work for Pixar. I think it is the least they can do after the emotional turmoil they have put me through over the years (Up anyone?).

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