The 500 Days Of Film Cinema Club

Welcome to the 500 Days Of Film Cinema Club!

This is how it all works...

To join, simply let me know via Facebook, Twitter or email (

All I will then need from you is your email address.

I can then send you information (title, synopsis, date etc) about each month's Film Club movie.

What Happens Next?

You can then decided if you want to / are able to make the event. If you can, brilliant! There will be a link to accept in your invitation.

You can also purchase your ticket via our Foyer. Simply pay me the cost of the ticket price and I will then buy all the tickets. This will mean that we can all sit together :)

Alternatively, you can buy your ticket yourself nearer to the time.

If you do not fancy the month's movie, no problem! I completely understand that not all films appeal to everyone.

After we have watched the film, I will send you a quick email asking for your thoughts on the movie, with a link to a discussion area where we can all talk movies!

Cinema Locations

I imagine that we will watch the majority of our films at The Odeon Epsom. However, I might suggest travelling further afield from time to time.

The Everyman Cinema in Reigate has a great selection of films for example and, sometimes, offers a more interesting, less blockbustery programme.

I would also love to visit the BFI Imax in London, the Picturehouse Central and (when the weather allows) perhaps organise some outdoor cinema events!

However, please do not worry if you do not live near Epsom or London.

You will, of course, still be so welcome to join this club. Just send me your email address and I will give you the details of the next film. You can then book to see this film at your nearest cinema and then join in with the discussion afterwards!

And Finally...

Finally, as part of your membership, you will also receive a weekly newsletter containing film news and reviews. 

I am really looking forward to watching some great movies with you!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if  you have any questions at all (

Take care, Jane x

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