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If you would like to be a part of the group booking for a 500 Days Of Film Club event, simply fill in the form below.


You can pay for your ticket on the day (the price is subject to change - details of which will be included in your event invitation) or transfer the fee into this bank account:


Account Number: 00191150

Sort Code: 30-93-08


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Please note, if a film event is cancelled for any reason I will refund the cost of your ticket in full.

If you cannot make a film after I have paid for your ticket, I will do all I can to secure a refund. However, if this is not possible, I will not be able to return your ticket money.

If you have chosen to pay me for your ticket on the day and then find that you cannot come to the event, I will try to secure a refund. If this is not possible, I will respectfully ask you to pay me the cost of your ticket.


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Jane Douglas-Jones

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