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500 Days Of Film Reviews Source Code And Finds A Gripping And Intelligent Sci Fi Thriller

Soldier Colter Stevens (the ever awesome Jake Gyllenhaal), wakes up on a train to find he is occupying the body of another man.


Eight minutes later, the train he is on is blown up by an unknown terrorist. 

However, Colter does not die. Instead, he finds himself in a strange capsule and, as part of an experimental government programme, he is ordered to repeat the experience until he uncovers the terrorist’s identity.

Is It Any Good?

I loved Source Code. It’s like Groundhog Day but with bombs.

After watching Inception, I have come to want more from my science fiction thrillers. This is why I had meh moments while watching The Adjustment Bureau I think.

While not as complex as Inception, the film did make me work alongside Colter Stevens to try to work out what was going on on the train and the truth behind the government’s experiment. 

I truly cared about the fate of Gyllenhaal’s character - probably in the end more than I cared about the identity of the terrorist. There are some things that still don’t add up for me but I was more than happy to be swept along on this thrilling ride.

The thing is, when I am enjoying a film such as this, I tend to worry mid-way through about the ending. Will the ending hold up or will it disappoint? I thought that the ending of Source Code was all that I had dared to hope for. 

Random Observations

I know that doing this would not make for a great movie but I did think, come on FBI people, just give him all the information he needs. Why drip feed details? Aren’t they on the clock here?

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