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The Adjustment Bureau Film Review

500 Days Of Film Reviews The Adjustment Bureau And Find An Enjoyable, If A Little Silly, Drama 

It is election night and David Norris (Matt Damon) is hoping to become a US senator.

While composing a speech in the men’s bathroom, he meets contemporary ballerina Elise (Emily Blunt). 

The two feel an immediate connection - a connection that David hopes to pursue.

However, he soon discovers that there is something standing in the way of them being together - and that ‘something’ makes him question his reality and just how much he can control his own destiny.

Is It Any Good?

So, while I was watching The Adjustment Bureau (and while I am writing this review) there was this huge elephant in the room. And that elephant's name is Inception.

Having recently watched Inception, I find that my standards for reality bending drama are considerably higher.

That is not to say that The Adjustment Bureau is poor. It runs along at pace and kept me engaged. I particularly liked the relationship between Elise and David and thought that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt did a really good job.

I just felt that there was a little too much exposition here.

I loved the way Inception made me work. It sprinted ahead without looking back to see if I was keeping up. The Adjustment Bureau starts to run and then stops to make absolutely sure that I am getting the picture. 

I also found the men of the Adjustment Bureau, well, a bit silly. Particularly following the big build up to the arrival of Terence Stamp. He is supposed to be this tough and ruthless character but I didn’t feel any great sense of the threat or menace.

In fact, the Adjustment Bureau employees all seemed a bit ineffectual considering the importance of their role.

All in all a good, if not great, movie. 

Random Observations

Have a soft spot for any film that begins with a clip of John Stewart.

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