Colors Of Tobi

A teenager living in a small rural village in Hungary, Tobi came out as trans male. Alexa Bakony’s intimate and insightful documentary follows Tobi's often challenging journey in an increasingly conservative country where trans rights are being eroded. 


Colors of Tobi also explores Tobi's mother Éva's story - as she, and Tobi's wider family, endeavours to support her beloved child. Tobi's mother and father attend Pride marches (where parents acknowledge their own coming out stories) and, at the beginning of Bakony’s film, we see them help Tobi complete the official paperwork to reflect Tobi's true gender.


However, this is still a steep learning curve for them all - full of complexity and potential pitfalls. Accidental deadnaming occurs and incorrect pronouns are mistakenly used as the family comes to terms with Tobi’s identity. Celebrating Tobi’s 18th birthday, Éva remembers a time “when he was a girl”. This comment causes Tobi to leave the table in tears, stating “I was never a girl”.


These are all genuine mistakes and, in heartwarming scenes, the family soon comes back together to express their feelings. All are doing their best - responding to each new chapter with love.



At the beginning of Colors Of Tobi, both Tobi and Éva grieve the fact that Tobi was born in the wrong body. This is something Tobi has always known. Tobi talks about feeling relieved to be allowed to have short hair. How did nature let this happen, Éva wonders. 


The documentary follows Tobi's desire for gender confirmation surgery and Éva's concerns about the risks inherent in these operations. They are also, of course, expensive - we watch as Tobi’s parents work out how they can save enough money to be able to afford Tobi’s medical procedures. 


The family has to adapt once again when Tobi reveals that they are non-binary. While they have many questions, the family are all committed to supporting Tobi. It is incredibly moving to watch as Tobi and Éva discuss their journey together. That they can talk about their feelings in such an open and honest way feels incredibly powerful and inspiring. 

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