Christmas Advent Calendar For Film Lovers!

500 Days Of Film Brings You A Special Movie Advent Calendar!

In the run-up to December, the shops become full of advent calendars. There is an impressive range to choose from - chocolate, cosmetic, perfume, gin… the list goes on! However, what about for us film lovers? Where is our advent calendar? 


I am sure there is a business somewhere that has the answer. Meanwhile, here is an advent calendar for those of us who live for movies. Behind each door (just give it a click) lies the trailer to a classic Christmas film.


All movie types (and ratings) are represented here from family friendly films to the movies that you will (definitely) want to watch after the kids have gone to bed. Feel free to join me in an advent marathon of Christmas movies!


Oh and let me know what is your favourite festive flick!


Happy advent!


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