Monkey Man

Monkey Man is a brutally exhilarating and exhausting ride - an extremely impressive directorial debut from Dev Patel (who also created the story, co-wrote the screenplay, produced the film and gives a powerful performance in its lead role).


In many ways, we are in familiar action territory here - the film follows an underdog on an impossible quest for revenge after a devastating act of unforgivable violence.


That violence, of course, begets further violence in a series of frenetic and imaginative set pieces. Patel's influences and his love for the action genre are clear and John Wick is never far from mind.


Rare moments of stillness come only in flashbacks to a far more idyllic time. A time that gradually reveals the unbearable tragedy and loss to come.



As Monkey Man progresses, so its tropes are enriched with heartfelt spiritual, cultural and political meaning. Layers of, somewhat surprising, depth are revealed. You soon forget all the films that have come before.


While thoroughly enjoyable throughout, Monkey Man's action really hits its stride in the film's final act.


The final action sequence is an absolute joy (I literally gasped with delight during a scene in a lift). Here Monkey Man truly holds its own as an exciting addition to the action genre's top tier.


Having now experienced the entire story, I cannot wait to rewatch Monkey Man. This film will, I'm sure, reward many additional viewings... 

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