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500 Days Of Film Reviews Drama, Blue Jay, Starring Mark Duplass And Sarah Paulson

After a chance meeting when they both return to their small Californian hometown, former high-school sweethearts, Jim (Mark Duplass) and Amanda (Sarah Paulson) reflect on life and their shared past.

Is It Any Good?

What are the essential ingredients necessary for a gripping and affecting movie? A large cast? Several glamorous locations? A big budget? Computer generated special effects?


Director Alex Lehmann’s first feature film, Blue Jay, proves that old adage - less is more. For, when you have a compelling story (written by Mark Duplass) and two actors at the top of their game, what more could you possibly need?



Shot in black and white with very little in the way of action, Blue Jay’s success rests upon the chemistry and performances of Paulson and Duplass. In lesser hands, this could have been quite the risk. 


However, both Duplass and Paulson are superb - exhibiting wonderful on screen chemistry from their first chance meeting to their emotional trip down memory lane. Duplass' powerful portrayal conveys the depth of Jim’s heartbreak and loss. Meanwhile, Paulson's performance is electric - she is truly luminous in this movie.


That the film’s dialogue is largely improvised makes these two central performances even more impressive. Jim and Amanda's story is told in a pared down, often brutally truthful tone - drawing us in as revelations unfold.  


I would highly recommend Blue Jay. You can find this gripping, bittersweet movie over on Netflix.  

Random Observations

According to an article by Indiewire, Netflix financed Blue Jay without seeing a script. Duplass secured the film’s funding on the basis of a ten page outline.


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