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The Little Prince tells the story of a little girl (voiced by Mackenzie Foy) and her mother (voiced by Rachel McAdams).


The mother will do anything to get her little girl (we never know her name) into the very "best" school.


As a result, they have to move - affording their new house only because it stands next to the rather eccentric abode of a man known as The Aviator (wonderfully voiced by Jeff Bridges).


It’s the summer holidays. Yet, everyday before she goes to work, the mother asks the little girl to follow a strict homework schedule in order to prepare for her new school.


However, The Aviator next door proves a real distraction - especially when he tells the little girl a magical story about the adventures of The Little Prince. 

Is It Any Good?

The Little Prince is a lovely Netflix Original film based on the classic book (of the same name) by French writer, Antoine De Saint-Exupery. 


The source text, which does not include the little girl or the mother, is often called a children’s book for grown ups. It has sold hundreds of millions of copies since it was first published in 1943.


The book's appeal is twofold. On the one hand, it is an imaginative story of excitement and adventure. On the other, it is a thought-provoking, allegorical tale.


Who, then, would be brave enough to adapt such a beloved book?


The answer is Mark Osborne, director of Kung Fu Panda and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. At first glance, not an obvious candidate perhaps. Indeed, it was not Osborne's idea to make a film of The Little Prince. Saint-Exupéry's estate approached him.


According to a recent article by NPR, Osborne turned them down at first. The director’s initial thoughts were “There's no way that you could possibly make a movie that is everything the book is to everyone.”


That may be true but Osborne has made a wonderful film nonetheless. A film that is entertaining, fun and full of wisdom about love, loss and what truly matters in life.



To distinguish the two worlds of his The Little Prince, Osborne employed two 

forms of animation - stop motion (featuring The Little Prince) and computer generated animation (featuring the little girl). 


Both styles are stunning to watch and sit well together. However, the stop motion sequences are where the magic lies. These scenes are truly breathtaking and full of wonder. Audiences young and old will appreciate the imaginative animation on display.


Meanwhile, the voice cast are all superb. I could listen to Jeff Bridges all day (and I could make out every word, thank goodness) and Mackenzie Foy is perfect as the little girl. Her story (alongside Rachel McAdams’ character) helps to broaden the book’s rather male-centric focus.


It is then fun to listen out for the likes of Paul Rudd (as The Older Prince), Marion Cotillard (as The Rose), James Franco (as The Fox), Benicio Del Toro (as The Snake) and Albert Brooks (as The Businessman).


In addition to the voices, The Little Prince's musical score is beautiful. Unsurprising since it was composed by Hans Zimmer.


There is much to enjoy in The Little Prince. I would highly recommend this film - it's a movie that feels good for the soul. 


Random Observations

Have you seen The Little Prince?


If you have, what did you think of this Netflix Original animation?


Do let me know, you can leave me a comment in the box below! 

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