60 Films To Watch On Amazon Prime

If you want to stream movies at home, Amazon Prime may be just what you need. 

I watch lots of films via this service, paying £79 for my yearly subscription. 


This cost is more than worthwhile when you consider the Prime movies that are included. There are some great movies to choose from.


To save you the job of scrolling and searching for these movie gems, I have made a list of 60 must watch movies on Amazon Prime and, because I am just so good to you, I have sorted them by genre.


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The Exorcist

Released in 1973 and based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist remains a horror classic. Director, William Friedkin, believes that you get out of the film what you bring in, which is why his unsettling movie bears repeat viewings. 


Schindler's List

Steven Spielberg's film about Oskar Schindler's efforts to save Jews from Auschwitz was based on the novel by Thomas Keneally. Shot in black and white by cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (The BFG), this powerful and disturbing story features superb performances from its impressive cast and thoroughly deserved its seven Oscars, including best picture and best director.



Ida is a stunning (also black and white) subtitled film about love and betrayal in 1960s Poland. The movie won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2015.

I would really recommend Ida - click here for my full review


Dazed And Confused

Richard Linklater's tale of high school pranks and angst is a classic. I particularly love to watch this film for the performance from a very young Matthew McConaughey... all right!

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Directed by Robert Zemeckis, 1997's Contact stars Jodie Foster as Eleanor Arroway who, after years of searching, finds proof that we are not alone in the universe. If you loved Interstellar you will see many parallels in this film - particularly in the relationship between Ellie and her late father.


Jodie Foster in Contact
Jodie Foster in Contact



Director, Asif Kapadia, looks at the life and tragic death of the phenomenal musical talent that was Amy Winehouse.

Click here for my full review of Amy 




David Gordon Green's film stars Al Pacino (in the title role) as a reclusive locksmith still in mourning for a lost love. Holly Hunter plays Dawn, a woman who just might be able to tempt him out of his shell. Manglehorn is well worth watching for Pacino's wonderful performance.


Mr Holmes

Ian McKellen shines in director Bill Condon's film about an aging Sherlock Holmes who, while dealing with early dementia, tries to remember the details of his final case.


Mississippi Grind

Do watch Mississippi Grind for the stunning performance from (the always superb) Ben Mendlesohn. Mendlesohn plays Gerry, a gambler who is down on his luck until he meets the charismatic Curtis (Ryan Reynolds). The pair embark on a gambling road trip in a desperate (and extremely tense) attempt to get back what they have lost.

Click here for my full review of Mississippi Grind


The Falling

Carol Morely's film is a wonderfully atmospheric and unsettling story about a tragedy at a girl's school in 1969 and the mysterious fainting fits that follow. This thought-provoking film features superb performances - particularly from Maxine Peake, Maisie Williams and Florence Pugh.  

Click here for my full review of The Falling


Mr Turner

Mike Leigh directs this engaging film about the untold story of the great painter, J.M.W Turner. This film features a truly powerful performance from Timothy Spall.


Sunset Song

Terrance Davies' stunning film tells the story of a Scottish farmer's daughter in the early 1900s. Times are hard and life is cruel. However, there is comfort to be had from the beauty of the land and from the way nature endures.  


 Agyness Deyn in Sunset Song
Agyness Deyn in Sunset Song


An Education

Lone Scherfig's coming of age tale, An Education, is a delight and features a truly superb performance from Carey Mulligan. Mulligan plays Jenny - a studious girl whose head is turned by a charismatic older man (wonderfully played by Peter Sarsgaard). 


The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game, directed by Morten Tyldum, is a powerful film about the life of code-breaker, Alan Turing. The movie features a powerful performance from

Benedict Cumberbatch. 



Foxcatcher is based on the true story of  John E. du Pont and his relationship with US Olympic wrestlers, Mark and Dave Schultz. This is an incredibly tense film notable for the superb performances from (an almost unrecognisable) Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum.


A Most Violent Year

Authentic and entertaining,  J.C. Chandor's film tells the story of Abel Morales (Oscar Issac), an ambitious entrepreneur trying to protect his business and his family during the most dangerous year in New York's history. Issac shines in this movie and Jessica Chastain gives a particularly strong performance.

Click here for my top five favourite Oscar Issac movies! 



You know the story... witches, prophecy, pushy wife... However, Justin Kurzel's adaptation of Macbeth brings something new to Shakespeare's classic tragedy. Michael Fassbender is superb in the title role, while Marion Cotillard is powerful as Lady Macbeth.


Micheal Fassbender and Marion Cotilard in Macbeth
Micheal Fassbender and Marion Cotilard in Macbeth


Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen brothers directed this melancholic film about a folksinger (Oscar Issac) struggling to succeed on the wintry streets of 1960s New York. The movie also includes a brilliant performance by John Goodman.

Click here for my full review of Inside Llewyn Davis


Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Benh Zeitlin's stunning and fantastical film follows a young girl called Hushpuppy (an Oscar-winning performance from Quvenzhané Wallis) as she fights to survive in a community set in the deepest reaches of the Louisiana bayou, cut off from the rest of the world.

Click here for my full review of Beasts Of The Southern Wild 


Blue Valentine

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are wonderful in Derek Cianfrance's heartbreaking film about the breakdown of a marriage. Their story is told at two points in time - the passionate beginning of their relationship and its bitter end. 

Click here for my full review of Blue Valentine 


99 Homes

Micheal Shannon and Andrew Garfield are superb in this powerful film about the true impact of the US mortgage crisis. I would highly recommend this film from writer/director, Ramin Bahrani.  

Click here for my full review of 99 Homes


Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon in 99 Homes
Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon in 99 Homes


The Program

Stephen Frears directed this Lance Armstrong bio-pic that focuses on Irish journalist, David Walsh (Chris O'Dowd)'s suspicions that the cyclist's victories were achieved via the use of banned substances. Ben Foster plays Armstrong.



Legend is notable for the fact that Tom Hardy plays both Ronnie and Reggie Kray. However, it is testament to his powerful performance/s that I quickly forgot this and enjoyed Brian Helgeland's film about London's most notorious criminal twins.


The Great Gatsby

I love Robert Redford in Jack Clayton's film of  F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. While it doesn't quite beat the 1974 version for me, there is much fun to be had in Baz Luhrmann's sumptuous and frenetic adaptation.

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The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby


Catch Me Daddy

Darkly tense thriller, Catch Me Daddy, is a tough but rewarding watch. Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) is on the run from her family and hiding with her boyfriend, Aaron (Conor McCarron) in North Yorkshire. When her brother arrives with a gang of thugs, she is forced to run for her life.


The Hurt Locker

Thrillers don't come tenser than Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker. Just remind yourself to breathe as you watch this story, starring Jeremy Renner and Antony Mackie, about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq. The Hurt Locker is also notable for netting Bigelow a (well-deserved) Oscar - the first for a female director.

Click here for my full review of The Hurt Locker


Child 44

Not without flaws, Child 44 remains a compelling thriller (starring Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy) about a series of child murders during the Soviet Union's Stalin-era.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of John Le Carre's classic spy novel is superb. You can almost smell the cigarette fumes in this wonderfully authentic film. Featuring a stellar cast, retired master spy, George Smiley (Gary Oldman), has to uncover the identity of the Russian double agent lying at the very top of the British Intelligence Service. 

Click here for my full review of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy



Director, Dan Gilroy, brought a truly compromised and utterly unpleasant character to our screens in Nightcrawler's Louis Bloom (played with intensity and creepy conviction by Jake Gyllenhaal). This is a tense, thought-provoking and, at times, deeply unsettling film. Highly recommended nonetheless!


Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler
Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler

Sci Fi

Source Code

I love Duncan Moon's film, Source Code. It is a little like Groundhog Day... but with bombs. Soldier Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), wakes up on a train to find he is occupying the body of another man. Eight minutes later, the train is blown up by an unknown terrorist. 


However, Colter does not die. Instead, he finds himself in a strange capsule and, as part of an experimental government programe, is ordered to repeat the experience until he uncovers the terrorist’s identity.

Click here for my full review of Source Code


Attack The Block

Joe Cornish's 2011 film follows a group of teenage boys as they fight for survival against the aliens that have descended on South London. If you fancy a bit of sci fi/horror fun, this is just the ticket. It also features an early performance from a certain young John Boyega.

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The Adjustment Bureau

While the plot of this movie feels a little silly at times, there is still much to enjoy in George Nolfi's sci fi drama. Matt Damon stars as David Norris - a man who starts to question his own reality after meeting contemporary ballerina, Elise (Emily Blunt). 

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Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is both stunning and terrifying. Sandra Bullock plays Ryan Stone, a medical engineer who, along with veteran astronaut, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), are the sole survivors after a catastrophe in space.

Click here for my full review of Gravity


Sandra Bullock is stranded in Gravity
Sandra Bullock is stranded in Gravity


Miss You Already

Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore star in this tale of friendship, illness and loss. Cancer is, of course, no stranger to celluloid. Many films have explored the impact of this horrible disease. However, Miss You Already felt rather refreshing being, as it is, full of laughter. 

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While We're Young

Director, Noah Baumbach's, film is a comedy about life and the glorification of youth. Josh and Cornelia Srebnick (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) are a middle-aged couple living in New York. As content as they both appear on the outside, inside something has stalled. Something is missing. They believe that 'something' can be found by adopting the lifestyle of a young, free-spirited couple Jamie and Darby (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried). What could possibly go wrong?

Click here for my full review of While We're Young


Danny Collins

Al Pacino plays the title role in Dan Fogelman's entertaining film about aging rocker, Danny Collins. I enjoyed this movie and found the scenes between Danny and his son, Tom (powerfully portrayed by Bobby Cannavale), really quite moving.

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I love this comedy from Ghostbusters director, Paul Feig. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is determined to be the greatest, most supportive bridesmaid to her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Life gets complicated, however, when she meets Lillian’s new friend, Helen (Rose Byrne). Before long, the pair are locked into a fiercely 

competitive battle of the bridesmaids - with hilarious results. 

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Friendships are tested in Bridesmaids
Friendships are tested in Bridesmaids


The Mist

Frank Darabont's adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist is an entertaining horror movie that follows a small town in the US after it becomes engulfed in a potentially malevolent mist. Steel yourself for the ending people... 

Click here for my full review of The Mist


Under The Skin

Jonathan Glazer's unsettling film sees Scarlett Johansson play 'The Female' - an alien in the guise of a stunning woman who prowls the streets of Glasgow picking up men and, well, let's just say things don't end well... 


It Follows

It Follows is a brilliant and innovative horror (starring Maika Monroe) from director David Robert Mitchell. After a slew of torture porn films and found footage movies, It Follows feels like a breath of (extremely creepy) fresh air. Walking has never felt scarier... 

Click here for my full review of It Follows


It Follows
It Follows



Based on Patricia Highsmith's novel, The Price Of Salt, and starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, Carol is a heartbreakingly romantic tale of forbidden love in 1950s New York.

Click here for my full review of Carol


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Michel Gondry's film is one of my all time favourite romantic movies. When their relationship breaks down, Joel (Jim Carey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) decide to have their memories as a couple removed. However, their love is far too powerful to be erased so easily.


The Lucky One

The romance genre would not be complete without a Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Amazon Prime offers one of my favourites, The Lucky One. Zak Efron stars as US Marine, Logan Thibault, who believes a picture of a woman saved his life. He tracks the woman down to a small town in North Carolina (of course). She is called Beth (Taylor Schilling) and she thinks that Logan has come about a job at her kennel. Logan takes the job and the two become friends. However, Beth’s ex-husband is none to keen and will do anything to tear the couple apart.

Click here to see my  top ten favourite Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations


Suite Francaise

Based on the novel by Irène Némirovsky, Suite Francaise tells the story of Lucile Angellier (Michelle Williams), a French villager who falls in love with Bruno von Falk (Matthias Schoenaerts), a German soldier during the early years of the Nazi occupation of France in World War II.


Charlie St Cloud

After his brother dies in a car accident, Charlie (Zak Efron) discovers the ability to see his dead brother once again in the woods where they used to practice baseball. However, when Charlie falls in love, he has to decide whether to continue living in the past or to move forwards into his future. 

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Zak Efron in Charlie St  Cloud
Zak Efron in Charlie St Cloud


Song Of The Sea

I adore this wonderful animated film that tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse who go on a magical adventure in an attempt to return to their home - a lighthouse by the sea.

Click here for my full review of Song Of The Sea



Bill is an amusing and endearing romp through Shakespeare's lost years. This movie, from director Richard Bracewell, is extremely entertaining. It has a barrel load of madcap action and barely draws breath before embarking on more crazy hi-jinks. 

Click here for my full review of Bill


Shaun The Sheep

Tired of doing the same work on the farm day in, day out, Shaun decides to take the day off. However, his plan (inevitably) goes wrong and the little sheep and his friends find themselves lost in the big city. Hilarious fun for all the family from those clever peeps over at  Aardman Animations


Shaun The Sheep and some woolly friends
Shaun The Sheep and some woolly friends


The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years after the Joker, the Dark Knight (Christian Bale) is forced to protect Gotham City once more - this time from the brutal terrorist, Bane (Tom Hardy).

Click here for my review of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy


Live. Die. Repeat.

Directed by Doug Liman, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in this action movie which sees a soldier reliving the same day over and over again in order to beat the aliens attacking the Earth.



Jack O'Connell is superb in this thrilling story about a soldier who is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971.


The Raid

I love this movie from director, Gareth Evans. The Raid is a non-stop, action-packed film with a thrilling plot and an engaging central character in Iko Uwais' Rama. The fight scenes are brutal (it is rated 18 for good reason) and yet they are also beautiful. The Raid's choreography is simply stunning.

Click here for my full review of The Raid


The Raid 2

While not quite a good as The Raid, The Raid 2 is a superb sequel, directed once again by Gareth Evans.

Click here for my full review of The Raid 2



Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) may be just 16 years old, but you really don't want to mess with her. She has been well trained by her father, Erik (Eric Bana), and is more than a match for Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett), the ruthless intelligence agent out to track her down.


Son Of Rambow

Featuring a cute early performance from Will Poulter, Son Of Rambow tells the story of two boys from different backgrounds who set out one summer to make a film inspired by Rambow.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Directed by Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is inspired by the graphic novels of Bryan Lee O'Malley. Micheal Cena's Scott has to defeat his girlfriend Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)'s seven evil exes in order to win her heart. 


Pacific Rim

That Pacific Rim is one of my favourite action movies isn't really surprising given the fact that it was made by one of my favourite directors, Guillermo del Toro. From deep within the Pacific Ocean come huge monsters called Kaigu - each intent on destroying our planet. The World's response? To create monsters of our own. Cue the awesome machines of the Jaeger programme.

Click here for my full review of Pacific Rim


World Cinema

Mia Madre

Margherita (Margherita Buy) is struggling both in her professional life as a film director and in her personal life. She has just left her life partner, has a rocky relationship with her teenage daughter and is dealing with her mother's grave illness. While this story is often heartbreaking, there are also many laughs to be had - particularly from John Turturro's performance.


Wild Tales

Damián Szifrón's Oscar-nominated film comprises six stories - each focused on the extremes of human behaviour when in the depths of distress.



Marieme struggles to see a future for herself before she joins a girl gang and

reinvents her identity. However, as Céline Sciamma's excellent film explores, gang

life may not be the answer to all of her problems.



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