500 Days Of Film Reviews Creep And Finds A Found Footage Horror Film That Thoroughly Deserves Its Title

Responding to an advert for a cameraman, Aaron (Patrick Brice) drives to a remote cabin in the woods (alarm bells anyone?) and meets Josef (Mark Duplass).

Josef explains that he has brain cancer and only a couple of months to live.

Having seen Michael Keaton in the film My Life, Josef wants to record a day in his life to leave as a record for his unborn son.

Aaron sets to work. However, before long, he begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. 

Is It Any Good?

Creep’s title really tells you all that  you need to know about this film. It is full on creepy and unsettling from the very start.

Creep makes use of the now dreaded found footage device.

However, in this instance, found footage actually makes sense given the premise of the story. Aaron has been hired to film Josef’s day. He then needs to keep filming for his own safety.

Brice and Duplass both give solid performances. 

Duplass is particularly good. His portrayal of Josef is just so odd that he made me feel supremely uncomfortable. This all added to the building sense of dread. I didn’t know where this film was all going - apart from nowhere good. 

Creep contains a few jump scares that did get me. Although a couple of  them felt a bit contrived. However, there were also many scenes where I felt really tense.

In addition, this film contains one of the scariest face masks I have seen in a long time. That mask properly freaked me out. Brrrr....

Creep’s pacing does anything but - the story runs along and kept me interested if not fully engaged.

The film's plot goes down a rather odd path mid way through -  I wasn’t sure what the point of it was, unless to add to the developing sense of fear and unease.

While I don’t think that Creep will make it into my top horror film list (coming soon!), it is an interesting addition to the found footage genre.

Random Observations

Patrick Brice directed Creep and both he and Mark Duplass wrote the screenplay.

I watched Creep on Netflix -  couldn't seem to find it anywhere else actually.

Have you seen Creep?

What did you think about this found footage movie? Did it work for you? Do let me know in the comments section below!

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