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A group of US college students decide to escape the stress of the city and their studies and enjoy a break in a rural cabin. What could possibly go wrong?


En route, they meet a forbidding garage owner who advises them not to continue their journey to the cabin.


In typical horror style, the friends ignore this warning, dismissing the man as being crazy.


Their first glimpse of the cabin does give them pause, however. It has spooky written all over it.


But they have come this far, why not make the best of things - right... right?

Is It Any Good?

Oh my goodness, I had such fun watching The Cabin In The Woods. It didn't scare me but it certainly was a thrilling ride.

The film has some brilliantly knowing references to some much loved horror movies. It feels like a movie made by horror fans for horror fans and this is perhaps unsurprising given that it was co-written by Buffy creator, Josh Whedon.

I don't want to spoil things for you by writing much more about the film's plot so let's just say that it presents a significant twist on a familiar horror tale. 


There are many nice touches and deviations from the norm too, which gives The Cabin In The Woods a fresh, intelligent feel. The cast are all strong and have a lot fun with their roles.


As I watched this movie, with its brilliant twists and turns, I started to wonder how on earth the director could bring his story to a fitting close. The truth is that the ending, while not being lame in any way, doesn't totally satisfy. However, I am really not sure what conclusion could suffice after the events that have occurred.


The Cabin In The Woods is a brilliant thrill ride of a film and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Random Observations

I mentioned that this film didn't scare me. This is true. It didn't creep me out either. I was having too good a time to be anything but hugely entertained. However, I should mention that the film does include a far bit of gore - red stuff aplenty!


This film suffered a significant delay in its release. In the time it took between filming and opening in cinemas, Chris Hemsworth had found fame in Thor. 


Have you seen The Cabin In The Woods?


Did you enjoy it as much as I did? If not, let me know why in the comments section below! If you agree with me, let me know too - I do love a good movie chat!

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