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500 Days Of Film Reviews The Muppets  And Finds A Silly But Sweet Film That Will Leave You Smiling.

Number one Muppet fan, Walter, joins his brother Gary and Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) on vacation to visit the Muppets’ original  theatre.

When they realise that mean oil tychon, Tex Richman, has tricked the Muppets out of the deeds for the theatre - unless they can come up with the money to buy it back. Richman plans to pull the building down in order to drill for oil.

Walter is desperate to stop this from happening and the gang decide to reunite the old Muppet cast and crew and stage one last theatre-saving performance. 

Is It Any Good?

I felt a little odd including The Muppets in my 500 Days Of Film challenge. I am not exactly sure why. It is not as if I am avoiding family movies. And, when you go back to the week when this film was released in the UK you’ve got to say it is the clear favourite.

So, putting that aside, I love The Muppets movie. It is just ridiculous fun from start to finish and made me smile throughout. 

It is great to see the old characters, much loved in my youth, again. In addition, Amy Adams and Jason Segal are brilliant. I felt like everyone involved in this movie had a genuine affection for the Muppets and that this wasn’t just a cynical money making scheme.

I was sitting next to my son in the cinema watching The Muppets and to hear him laughing during the classic Man or Muppet song was worth the price of the tickets alone - brilliant!

Random Observations

I did not enjoy the sequel to The Muppets as much - so that film will (probably) not make the 500 list.

Did you enjoy The Muppets? Did you think it was as much fun for adults as it was for the kids? Whatever your thoughts on this movie, do let me know in the comments section below!

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