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500 Days Of Film Reviews The American And Finds A Quiet, Clinical Thriller... And George Clooney’s Ears

The American stars George Clooney as a weapons engineer who, as a result of a rather brutal event at the beginning of the film, is on the run.

He escapes to a remote village in Italy.

Whilst there he contemplates the emptiness of his life.

He wonders if he can yet make a meaningful connection. Oh and he also tries not to get dead.

Is It Any Good?

The American is a film that I appreciated rather than enjoyed. 

I appreciated the way the film looks - the gorgeous scenery is beautifully shot.

I appreciated the plot. I appreciated Clooney’s central performance and did feel for him at the end.

I just didn’t feel engaged. In fact, I felt removed.

Is that how I am supposed to feel? Is this the aim? Detachment is after all key to the plot.

I’m not sure. In the end, it just all felt rather clinical.

Random Observations

Just a warning, not that I am prudish or anything, but there is an element of nudity in this film - several elements actually. In fact, the film has barely started before you see a bare behind. Scandalous.

There are lots of shots of and behind George Clooney’s head in this film. For some inexplicable reason (linked perhaps to the advent of HD TV) I became rather obsessed with his ears...  

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